Polar Night by Rebecca Carter



DIMENSIONS (Height - 101.60 cm X Width - 76.20 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Mixed Media on Canvas
GENRE Abstract
REGISTERED NRN # 000-44856-0144-01
COPYRIGHT © Rebecca Carter
PRIZES AND AWARDS The Hobsons Bay Art Show 2023 - BEST ANY MEDIUM Prize - 500.00

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Artist: Rebecca Carter




Born and raised in Victoria’s oldest wine region and notable as the burial site of Dame Nellie Melba, I was born in a little hospital in Lilydale situated in the Yarra Valley.
It all started with a grey lead and drawing pad as a young child and I enjoyed drawing portraits, in particular faces. I later took an interest in painting landscapes with water colours as the countryside's beauty gave me an escapism by allowing me to visit many imagined fantasy lands with created characters and adventures.
Constantly wanting a challenge and pushing my capability, I continued to experiment with new textures, mediums and styles. I then found a love for Renaissance Art intrigued by new scientific laws, new forms of art, architecture, and new religious and political ideas.
I  overcome many traumatic setbacks including heart failure but I believe and live by the saying "you can either choose to sink or swim" and I will always choose to swim and not allow these traumatic experiences dictate my future. If anything, it has made me more motivated to make this art dream a reality.


In 2021 I decided to start my art business 'abstractsbyrebeccacarter' focusing on modern, contemporary abstract art aiming at a broad audience. 
Focused more on a modern contemporary art style I create artwork using modern mediums including alcohol ink, acrylic ink and creamy chalks and focusing on texture, movement, colour theory and symbolic meaning with the aim of creating values and raising awareness for mental health and other important matters within the community that are close to my heart.