Fees and Commissions

Fees and Commissions

All fees are Not Refundable and GST free. All payments must be made via Gallery 247 online.

Entry Category

Payment / Fee Category


Registration/Entry Fee

Registration/Entry Fee per Art Work

Physical Art Show Entry Fee


Virtual Art Show Entry Fee


Both Physical and Virtual Show Entry Fee

Acceptance Fee

Acceptance Fee per Art Work.

The one Acceptance Fee covers any entry to the Physical Show, the Virtual Show or both shows.

Entries must NOT exceed 1 square metre, frame included.

Small - Both sides less than 170cm


Medium - Both sides between 170cm and 210cm


Large - Both sides over 210cm but not exceeding 250cm

Commission Charges

Percentage commission levied on sales


 NB: All artwork prices to include GST where applicable. Artists must include their GST status with their registration

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