Glenn Hoyle, Artist (3 works)

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Artwork number: 76

The Eiffel Tower

Height 63cm x Width 79cm

Oil on Canvas

Genre: Streetscape

Price: $1,860

© Artist: Glenn Hoyle
NRN# 000-1659-0141-01

Artwork number: 75

Beauty And Elegance

Height 92cm x Width 46cm

Mixed Media on Canvas

Genre: Animals

Price: $720

© Artist: Glenn Hoyle
NRN# 000-1659-0174-01



Hua Kein Fat

Kien Fat Trading is a family owned importer, exporter and distribution company operating since 1989 with a wide selection of products from food to therapeutic products.



Artwork number: 77

Venetian Facade

Height 66cm x Width 79cm

Watercolour on Paper

Genre: Other

Price: $980

© Artist: Glenn Hoyle
NRN# 000-1659-0212-01