Pierina Sannia, Artist (3 works)

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Artwork number: 246

The Issue With Barbie.

Height 49cm x Width 54cm

Pastel on Paper


Price: $2,500 + freight

© Artist: Pierina Sannia
NRN# 000-43887-0149-01

Artwork number: 244

In Season

Height 46cm x Width 57cm

Pastel on Paper

Genre: Still Life

© Artist: Pierina Sannia
NRN# 000-43887-0151-01



Bendigo Bank

The Altona Community BankĀ® Branch Home Loans, Investing, Insurance, Super, Financial advice



Artwork number: 245

Summer Lily.

Height 42cm x Width 32cm

Pastel on Paper

Genre: Plant Life

Price: $350 + freight

© Artist: Pierina Sannia
NRN# 000-43887-0153-01